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Naperville, Illinois moves forward with Smart Grid initiative

Naperville, Illiinois has moved closer to deploying the Naperville Smart Grid Initiative (NSGI) after selecting Elster and Tropos Networks to provide equipment and software for the project. The goals of the NSGI are to help modernize the electric grid, to improve operational efficiencies and power reliability and to empower Naperville electric customers with more information and […]

Naperville Wi-Fi network up and running again

Naperville, Illinois has turned on its downtown Wi-Fi service again after network owner, MetroFi, shut down last year. The city decided not to dismantle the network; instead, they got a local provider named WOW Access to take over the network and reactivate the service. Click on the graphic to see the area covered by Wi-Fi: […]

Naperville says no more free Wi-Fi for you!

Naperville, Illinois has decided not to  take over the Wi-Fi network deployed by MetroFi after the company abandoned its plans to offer Wi-Fi service in a number of US cities, including Portland, Oregon. Taking over the network would have required Naperville to invest $3.7 million. Unless another ISP takes over the network, residents will no […]

Aurora, Naperville, networks won’t be built out

Two more free public Wi-Fi networks are on the shelf. MetroFi will not be building out free muni networks in Aurora and Naperville, Ill., after the communities decided not to also contract with the company to build public safety networks. It raises the question: What new business models are emerging? This is just the latest […]

City Initiative: Naperville, Illinois

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