Securing the IP of IP Smart Grid Security

When your job, among other things, consists of the discovery and protection of the intellectual property in things like smart grid security, I thought an interview with Theodore Wood from Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox (based in Washington DC) would be be insightful.  I wasn’t disappointed.  From international cyber security espionage to plain old American […]

Cyber Wars begin: is the Power Grid next?

Recent reports have clearly demonstrated that cyber wars are indeed happening. I made this clear in my last Smart Grid Virtual Summit presentation in June 2011. So what are the implications and when are people going to at last take notice? Forbes reported recent attacks included an unprecedented series of cyber attacks on the networks of 72 organizations […]

Virtual Summit for the Smart Grid

The Smart Grid Virtual Summit on June 29 and 30, 2011 is expected to be an eye opener with top industry players sharing their expertise. It is an online conference via Cisco’s Webex platform, which makes it a fantastic way to listen to experts, interact with other attendees, all from the comfort of your home […]

Smart Grid security: trillion dollar boom or bust?

In watching smart grid deployments early on I always wondered when the smart grid security flashing red light bulb was going to go on. Andy Bochman is an IBM Security Lead who hates security fear mongering but even he can’t deny the facts about a series of power grid security breaches this spring in a […]

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami: Diversify and Secure the Energy Grid

In a recent smart grid summit at the Miami Beach Convention Center, the power went out right in the middle of a smart grid security panel discussion.  I was moderating the discussion between Southern Power, Cisco and Atmel when the lights dimmed and fell back to alternative power.  With top security specialists in the audience […]

Taking the temperature of the Smart Grid

If you ever want to get the most out of a industry convention summit, be a moderator, speaker and audience participant.  I had the opportunity of doing this at the Smart Grid Summit in the Miami Beach Convention Center.  With stranded visitors from the north enjoying highs of 81F in Miami Beach, the summit proved […]

Smart Grid Security: threats and challenges in 2011

This is an interview conducted by Larry Karisny with Andy Bochman, Energy Security Lead IBM Software Group/Rational on the challenges and complexities in today’s smart grid security. (1) There was a recent article in SearchSecurity titled IBM predicts rising mobile threats, critical infrastructure attacks in 2011. Are you sharing the same feelings of when, not […]

Detailed discussion of Smart Grid security with Bob Lockhart of Pike Research

This is an interview with Bob Lockhart, industry analyst at Pike Research, about smart grid security. In this interview, I delve deeper into the challenges facing utility companies to secure the smart grid. * * * * * * Q: Is there a reason you decided to focus just on security in a separate study? A: […]

Will security issues stifle smart grid investment?

smart grid security revenue

With billions of dollars of public and private smart grid investment in place and billions more in forecasted network hardware and software shipments, will enthusiasm for the smart grid be dampened by security concerns? Current smart meter deployment trends and reported security breaches point towards that possibility. A recent Pike Research report entitled “Smart Grid: 10 Trends to […]

GridNet: a look under the Smart Grid hood

This is an interview conducted by Larry Karisny with Ray Bell, Founder and CEO of GridNet. Search for the phrase “Smart Grid” on Google and you will get more organizations and explanations defining what it is than you may even want to know. From government policies to standards groups to organizations to new publications, everyone […]