Intel McAfee and the Missing Security Link

There has been a lot of focus on security lately with the announcement of Intel’s $7.68 billion acquisition of McAfee. Minimally this highlights the importance that people are giving to cyber security. If we are going to live in a wireless Internet device connected world, we need to secure it first. Kudos to Intel for […]

Smart Grid Cyber Security: No Hype Allowed

This is an interview with Mike Ahmadi, cyber security consultant and conference chairman of the Cyber Security Conference and Expo that took place last week in San Jose, California. Issues to be addressed in smart grid security Q: You opened the conference recognizing that smart grid security is only as strong as the  weakest link, […]

Smart Grid V-Summit: Time for a Change

The Smart Grid Summer 2010 V-Summit hosted experts at every level telling stories of lessons learnt from past deployments to security platforms now being put in place that must support the smart grid for the next 100 years. The sessions were a series of no hype presentations offering professional opinions of how important to get […]

Big government, big business and small business will build the Smart Grid

Dept of Energy Office of Electricity Delivery

The announcement of venture capital firms and GE launching a $200 million fund to improve the way we create, connect and use power and the federal government’s entry into critical infrastructure security dubbed the  “Perfect Citizen Program” should make for some interesting conversation at the Smart Grid 2010 Summer V-Summit at the end of this […]

Smart Grid Security: Ground Zero for Cyber Security


It was pretty amazing to see the amount of people involved in Conductivity Week in Santa Clara California last week. They were all there positioning their expertise on how to build and secure the smart grid. With NIST, WiFi Alliance, Zigbee Alliance, and the IEEE and hundreds vendors and speakers attending, it was like a […]

The Smart Grid needs to get smart about security

utility meter

While following the Connectivity Show in Santa Clara California, I thought I should follow-up on the at Greentech Media’s annual Smart Grid conference in Palm Springs last week.  I wanted to focus this article on Smart Grid security so I thought I should find some clear explanation of where we are now and then add […]

Year-end Review: Economic Recovery Through Municipal Wireless Networks

Pac-Crest-11 security chart

The year 2009 started with municipal wireless left for dead by mainstream media, and it ended with billions in stimulus grant monies supporting the expansion of broadband throughout the world.  From rural broadband expansion to making utilities smart, there is a brighter future for municipal wireless broadband networks and the applications support them.  We have […]

Private-public wireless networks: if we secure it, they will come

There is a recurring network model that is coming out of the US broadband stimulus grant requests and recent FCC workshops.  States across the nation have been trying to present sustainable models to support broadband service in rural areas while recent FCC workshops have been trying to tackle the issue of the US now being […]

Local, wireless intelligent networks: Can we live without them?

intelligent device hieracchy

If we want broadband access everywhere, safer highways and smart grid energy management, the solution is a local, wireless “intelligent” Internet.  When I say “intelligent”, I mean the intelligence is at the edges (on the user side), not at the center (command and control at the provider’s side). In many municipal wireless network deployments today […]

Go short, the long haul is already covered

When you look at pre-bid broadband stimulus grant requests, doesn’t it seem odd to you that so many rural areas are looking for long haul build outs? In most cases, grant applicants are looking only at private carrier assets and, if there is nothing available, they request grant assistance for a long haul connection. Few […]