Best Practices in Community Wireless 2015

community wireless best practices report

The Best Practices in Community Wireless 2015 is now available for download from Freedman Consulting LLC. The report, developed by Freedman Consulting, with support from the Ford Foundation, highlights 11 communities in the United States that have deployed community wireless networks to achieve different goals. The report examines the evolution of wireless technology and explores […]

Sacramento issues RFI for small cell, public Wi-Fi network

Sacramento, California invites interested parties to respond to the Request for Information (I15071011001) City of Sacramento Community Wireless Broadband Network. Interested parties should provide proposals for the design, installation and maintenance of a carrier neutral Wireless “Small Cell” and public Wi-Fi communications network throughout city. It is anticipated that this project could potentially utilize the […]

Singapore rolls out free Wi-Fi at Gardens by the Bay

singapore free wifi

Singapore has begun offering free Wi-Fi access at the recently opened Gardens by the Bay, a 101-hectare futuristic park filled with plants, flowers and trees from around the world. The park is located on reclaimed land next to the Marina Bay Sands hotel-casino-shopping mall complex. According to the BBC News video clip below, Singapore plans […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 8: Half of something is better than nothing, but why settle?

This is Chapter 8 of Rory Conaway’s series, “Tales From The Towers”, about setting up a large scale Wi-Fi network. If you have not yet done so, read Chapter 7: One Size Does Not Fit All. Our network is pretty inexpensive but it suffers from first generation bandwidth problems of losing 50 percent of the […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 7: One size does not fit all

In this installment of Rory Conaway’s “Tales From The Towers”, he discusses the different types of antennas that can be used for large scale Wi-Fi networks. Before we continue developing the system further, it’s a good idea to discuss all the various antenna designs that go into a municipal design process.  I’ve described one type […]

More Wi-Fi in trains, this time in Australia

Wi-Fi on public transport is such a hot topic these days and there isn’t a railway operator in the world that is not deploying or actively looking into installing Wi-Fi on their trains. Now, Railcorp, a state-owned enterprise in Australia that runs the passenger rail service covering Sydney, its suburbs, the Central Coast, Hunter, the […]

Tales from the Towers Chapter 6: Free is not a business plan

Our system is installed and our credit card maxed out. Now, we have to either pay for it or figure out how it’s going to save what we invested in it. As an income based system, it’s pretty easy to figure out a direct correlation between expenses and revenue. If there is some kind of […]

Minneapolis citywide WiFi network featured in The Atlantic

The Atlantic is running a series called The Future of the City and one of the articles is about the Minneapolis muni WiFi network owned and managed by US Internet. The article is an interview with Minneapolis city CIO, Lynn Willenbring, who explains why the city decided on the anchor tenant model (US Internet owns […]

San Francisco Bay gets Wi-Fi service

Sunrise Wireless has deployed a Wi-Fi network across the San Francisco Bay making it the largest marine broadband network in the United States. Passengers on ferries that regularly cross the Bay can now get Wi-Fi access on their laptops and portable devices. Initially Wi-Fi service will be free of charge. Sunrise has deployed a network […]

US Internet takes over Riverside citywide Wi-Fi network

US Internet, the service provider that runs the Minneapolis citywide Wi-Fi network, has been chosen by Riverside to take over AT&T’s network in the city. AT&T had turned over the network to Riverside at no cost. The city sought a replacement for AT&T via a public tender, and choose US Internet. The city is paying […]