Google Wi-Fi replaces AT&T at Starbucks

Well, this surprises me. From now on, Google will be providing the Wi-Fi service at Starbucks cafes: “Starbucks said that Google, in conjunction with Level 3 Communications, will now be providing Wi-Fi service in Starbucks’ U.S. locations that’s up to 10 times faster than the current service powered by AT&T . . . Currently, Starbucks stores are […]

Two Dutch cities launch free Wi-Fi hotzones

Utrecht and The Hague in the Netherlands are launching free Wi-fi service in various public squares. In The Hague, free Wi-Fi is available in Het Plein, a large square next to the parliament and government complex (Binnenhof). Het Plein is filled with outdoor cafes and bars, and is a popular hangout during the spring and […]

Scottsdale, Arizona sets up wireless mesh network to relieve traffic congestion

scottsdale wireless mesh network

Scottsdale’s New Intelligent Transportation System (including a wireless mesh network) gives operators hands-on control over traffic dynamics and dramatically lowers the city’s operating costs, paying for itself within four years. Scottsdale, Arizona has deployed a wireless mesh network as part of its “intelligent transportation system” (ITS) to deal with traffic problems in the city. The […]

Long Beach parks get free Wi-Fi

The city of Long Beach, California has been busy setting up free Wi-Fi service in its parks as it has done with its public libraries. The city has spent $16,000 on Wi-Fi access points for the parks and encourage people to use the Wi-Fi service not just for email and web browsing, but to report […]

Taiwan gives away free Wi-Fi to tourists

Taiwan is now extending its free Wi-Fi service to tourists visiting cities and towns where free Wi-Fi already exists for residents. I wrote two pieces several years ago: Taipei slowly rolling out free citywide Wi-Fi Taiwan M-City project expands to Kinmen County To gain access, go to any of the tourist offices in metro or […]

Tulsa, Oklahoma RFP for marketing partnerships

The City of Tulsa, Oklahoma is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to assist the City in developing marketing partnerships with outside entities. This includes sponsorships, advertising, marketing, and/or naming rights. The City will consider partnerships between vendors to provide the full range of required services. The City reserves the right to split the work contemplated […]

Details about the Douglasville muni Wi-Fi project

muni wifi project douglasville

Last week I posted an article entitled “Is Google secretly funding large-scale Wi-Fi projects”. In the article, I pointed to two municipal Wi-Fi projects funded by Google, one in Pryor, Oklahoma and the other in Douglasville, Georgia. The Douglasville muni Wi-Fi network is an IPv6-enabled outdoor public Wi-Fi network funded by Google, which has a data […]

Is Google quietly funding large scale Wi-Fi projects?

I was surprised to hear that Pryor, Oklahoma (pop. 9500) received a $200,000 grant from Google to deploy and maintain a free public Wi-Fi network that covers 13 blocks around the downtown area. The grant will cover the first three years of operation of the network. Google opened a data center not far from Pryor, […]

Free Wi-Fi in Nice and the French Riviera

Nice, France has entered into a deal with GOWEX to offer free Wi-Fi service in some of the city’s public areas such as the Cours Saleya and Place du Palais. The SSDI is «NiceGOWEXFREEWiFi». That’s great but they still force you to go through a registration screen, which I and many people hate. The problem with […]

More free Wi-Fi in parks

As I mentioned in The Return of Large Scale Wi-Fi Deployments, municipalities have bigger budgets these days, thanks to the improving economy in the United States, so they’re spending it on new Wi-Fi deployments or upgrades of existing public Wi-Fi networks. Here are few examples in Florida:  Coral Springs is upgrading its existing wireless network, […]