More Wi-Fi in trains, this time in Australia

Wi-Fi on public transport is such a hot topic these days and there isn’t a railway operator in the world that is not deploying or actively looking into installing Wi-Fi on their trains. Now, Railcorp, a state-owned enterprise in Australia that runs the passenger rail service covering Sydney, its suburbs, the Central Coast, Hunter, the […]

Picocela deploys large mesh Wi-Fi hotzone in Fukuoka, Japan

Kyushu University and PicoCELA Inc., both based in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, have developed and put into use technology to build a wide-area wireless LAN at a dramatically reduced cost. The newly developed wireless multihop backhaul connects multiple wireless LAN access points to make them work with one another as a single radio network, cutting back […]

Ruckus Wireless launches Wi-Fi end-to-end solution for service providers

Ruckus Wireless is launching an end-to-end managed, wireless broadband access (WBA) solution for service providers. It allows them to deploy relatively cost-effective large scale Wi-Fi networks, especially in multi-user dwellings in densely populated cities. The “end to end” means backhaul, access points and customer premises equipment (CPE). So instead of cobbling together WiMAX backhaul from […]

Travels with an iPod Touch: Free WiFi experience in Asia

I just got back from a holiday in Bali. One of the most significant observations on this trip: many major airports in Asia have fast, free WiFi. Better yet, they don’t make you go through annoying login screens. On this trip, I took only my iPod Touch. This is the first time I have traveled […]

HTC forges deal with China Mobile for TD handsets, but ZTE set to remain on top in 3G handset market

This week, Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC signed a deal with China Mobile to supply TD-SCDMA handsets for the leading Chinese carrier, according to More precisely, HTC will supply one TD-SCDMA device this year and five next year. Both companies also agreed to collaborate together on future deployments (e.g. TD-LTE handsets, market research). Of note, China […]

China Unicom discussing nationwide iPhone distribution with retailers

According to TMT China, China Unicom is now discussing nationwide iPhone distribution with several Chinese retailers. Meanwhile, Apple’s A1324 iPhone model, a special version of the iPhone for the Chinese market, which can support GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCMDA and  will be available from China Unicom, is close to obtaining the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s (MIIT) mandatory network […]

China Mobile launches mobile market with over 4,000 apps

This week, China Mobile officially scheduled its mobile app store (Mobile Market) with over 4,000 applications now available. Mobile apps and services are available at no cost to users until the end of September. This is a smart move from China Mobile as it likely to help drive the adoption of its mobile app store. […]

Latest statistics on use of Hongkong muni Wi-Fi network

Infoworld has a very interesting article on the use of Hong Kong’s government-sponsored WiFi network: “31.5 percent of WiFi users in Hong Kong use the GovWiFi network available for access in government facilities such as libraries, sport centers, and parks. Among the GovWiFi users, 64.6 percent access the network from libraries.” The main complaint about […]

Intel plays WiMAX sugar daddy, invests millions in Japanese operator

Don’t we all wish Intel would fund our dreams? In the case of UQ Communications, the Japanese WiMAX operator, Intel Capital has lavished $43 million on the operator for the purpose of building a mobile WiMAX network in Japan. The problem with the Japanese market is that things that work well overseas never catch on […]

Australia plans 100 Mbps to 90 percent of homes and offices

The Australian government has announced an ambitious plan to bring its broadband infrastructure up to modern standards by delivering up to 100 Mbps to 90 percent of homes and offices in the country. Regions that are remote and sparsely populated will get wireless broadband with speeds up to 12 Mbps.  To accomplish this enormous task, […]