Is WiMAX a failure in the UK?

Freedom4 UK WiMAX broadband provider

This week saw the closure of Freedom4, one of Britain’s two key WiMAX service providers, and the sale of its licensed spectrum and assets to competitor UK Broadband for a paltry £12.5 million ($18.4 million), making the latter the only remaining license-holding WiMAX ISP in the country. Freedom4, a joint venture between Pipex Communications and […]

Yota dumps WiMAX in favor of LTE

Russian WiMAX operator, Yota, has decided to go with LTE instead of WiMAX in rolling out their network. They will spend an estimated $100 million building the LTE network in five Russian cities (read more here). Those of you who loved the design of the Yota Egg (see below), the portable WiMAX-to-WiFi converter, will probably […]

Municipal wireless networks in Spain

first muni wifi networks in Spain

This southern European country is undergoing a Wi-Fi revolution. Until recently, only a few cities have launched modest Wi-Fi projects. Since regulatory and technical issues have been clarified, more cities have deployed municipal wireless networks, and many others are currently in the planning stage. Specifically, since Barcelona decided in 2008 to deploy two city-wide Wi-Fi […]

National strategies for ultra-broadband infrastructure deployment: Berlin, 26-27 April 2010

The Wissenschaftliches Institut für Infrastruktur und Kommunikationsdienste (WIK) is holding a conference on “National strategies for ultrabroadband infrastructure deployment: Experiences and challenges” in Berlin on 26-27 April 2010 at the Radisson Blu Hotel. The conference brings together experts from Japan, Germany, Sweden, France and other countries to share their experiences in this field. Check out […]

Boingo Wireless now in six major UK airports

Boingo Wireless announced it has signed an exclusive deal with global airport company BAA to be the sole provider of retail Wi-Fi services at six major airports in the United Kingdom. The airports to be powered by Boingo include London Heathrow (LHR), London Stansted (STN), Glasgow (GLA), Edinburgh (EDI), Aberdeen (ABZ), and Southampton (SOU). Wi-Fi […]

Teacheo enables virtual classrooms for remote e-learning, online tutor marketplace

When we talk about broadband stimulus funds, we tend to focus on infrastructure: fiber, wireless, and the computers themselves (in public computer centers which are getting federal funds, too). Indeed, the US government’s primary goal in giving out billions of dollars to bring broadband to unserved and underserved communities is to allow people who live […]

Clearwire offers WiMAX service in Malaga, Spain

Clearwire WiMAX in Malaga, Spain

Instanet, a brand owned by Clearwire, is offering WiMAX service in Malaga, Spain starting March 2010. There are two kinds of service: home (stationary) and city (mobile). Prices are quite reasonable at €29.90 per month (€34.68 with VAT) for the city or home service, and if you sign up for an 18-month contract, the first […]

More details on Swindon, UK citywide Wi-Fi service

A few weeks ago, Swindon (pop. 190,000) announced that it is rolling out citywide Wi-Fi service in partnership with Aqovia and Avity, two private companies that own shares in Digital City UK which will run the network. We have more details about the service. The network cost £1m to deploy and Digital City plans to […]

ZTE wins WiMAX contract in Spain

Iberbanda (the rural wireless arm of incumbent operator, Telefonica) has chosen Chinese equipment manufacturer, ZTE, for its WiMAX network in rural Spain. Iberbanda had previously selected Alvarion for its WiMAX network in Catalonia. Telefonica has previously signed ZTE for a larger 3G/4G contract.

400,000 low-income Parisians to get FTTH

Jean Louis Missika, a deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of technology, has wasted no time in taking advantage of the end of the “fiber war” among the four major operators in France (Iliad-Free, France Télécom, SFR and Numéricable). He brought them together the to sign a “charter of good conduct” whose aim is to […]