NYC free citywide WiFi project pre-conference Q&A: attendees and city’s responses

new york free citywide wifi

The New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT) held a pre-proposal conference on 12 May 2014 concerning the city’s free citywide WiFi project — the RFP for a franchise to install Public Communications Structures (Wi-Fi pay phones) for the boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. The questions submitted […]

5 perfect bidders for NYC citywide Wi-Fi network: Google, Facebook, Boingo, Skype, TimeWarner

Last week we posted New York City’s public tender seeking bidders for a citywide free Wi-Fi network via the city’s pay phones. The network has to make money from advertising and other services. I will eliminate the usual suspects (Verizon and AT&T) as primary bidders because what we’re looking for here is a non-telco, innovative approach. […]

NJ Transit hires Cablevision to provide Wi-Fi service

New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit) has entered into a 20-year agreement with Cablevision for the latter to provide Wi-Fi service in trains and stations. Customers of Cablevision will have access at no extra cost, but others have to pay (amount to be determined). NJ Transit issued an RFP in 2010 seeking companies to provide Wi-Fi […]

Cable WiFi Alliance allows US cable customers to roam on Wi-Fi networks

cable wifi alliance

Comcast, Cablevision, Cox Communications, Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable have entered into an agreement under the umbrella of Cable WiFi to allow their customers to roam on each other’s Wi-Fi networks. Over the years, US cable companies have been expanding their Wi-Fi networks by setting up public Wi-Fi hotspots in train stations and […]

Cable operators allow Wi-Fi roaming

Customers of the five largest cable operators in the United States (Cox, Comcast, Cablevision, Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable) will be able to use any Wi-Fi hotspot belonging to the operators thanks to a roaming agreement. In the past, a Cablevision customer could use only Cablevision’s network of Wi-Fi hotspots but that is […]

Cablevision expands walled garden Wi-Fi service in New Jersey

Cablevision has expanded the coverage area of its Optimum Wi-Fi service in New Jersey to popular Shore Points and high-traffic and commercial locations in Morris, Ocean and Monmouth Counties.  The company already offers Wi-Fi service in certain locations on Long Island, Connecticut and Westchester/Dutchess areas, in particular commuter rail stations. Unfortunately you have to be […]

Cablevision doubles size of East Coast Wi-Fi network

Cablevision announced that it has doubled the size of its Long Island wide-area Wi-Fi network to cover locations in Westchester and Connecticut, especially high-traffic areas such as metro and commuter rail stations. Cablevision’s Wi-Fi service is, unfortunately, available only to their existing Optimum Online customers so if you find yourself in their service area and […]

Cablevision launches Long Island Wi-Fi service

Cablevision Wi-Fi hotzones on Long Island, NY

Cablevision has launched its Wi-Fi service in various parts of Long Island, but it is available only to customers of Optimum Online. The cable company has set up several Wi-Fi hotzones (they call them community zones) including Long Island Railroad station platforms and parking lots, using equipment from BelAir Networks. It’s unfortunate that non-Optimum Online […]

Cablevision set to launch regional wireless Internet service

Cablevision announced that it is rolling out a wireless broadband network in the East Coast, specifically  in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York City and on Long Island. The company has already spent $20 million (out of the estimated $300 million) on the network. Cablevision’s plan for Long Island certainly puts a damper on the county-wide […]