Scottsdale, Arizona sets up wireless mesh network to relieve traffic congestion

scottsdale wireless mesh network

Scottsdale’s New Intelligent Transportation System (including a wireless mesh network) gives operators hands-on control over traffic dynamics and dramatically lowers the city’s operating costs, paying for itself within four years. Scottsdale, Arizona has deployed a wireless mesh network as part of its “intelligent transportation system” (ITS) to deal with traffic problems in the city. The […]

Radical use of WiFi: monitoring flood levels, telemetry for flood forecasting

mesh network chao phraya river

Since floods and water levels have been in the news lately as a result of the fierce storm that hit the East Coast of the United States, it’s time to look for outstanding examples of how to use good old Wi-Fi technology to help us deal better with the terrible fury of Nature and to […]

Libraries in Busan City, Korea go Wi-Fi

The Busan Metropolitan Simin Municipal Library has completed the installation of Korea’s first multi-library wireless LAN using 802.11n access points from Firetide. The initial phase of the project encompasses 14 Busan City Libraries. The Firetide wireless LAN in each library is designed to enrich library users’ experience by providing high-speed Internet access in and around […]

Victorville deploys wireless mesh network for SCADA system upgrade

Victorville Water District (California) has upgraded their SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system and installed Firetide’s HotPort® wireless mesh network for communications between various sites. At present there are 15 sites and the district plans to add 45 more sites. The sites include various wells, booster pump stations, storage tanks, and treatment plants which are now […]

Houston, Texas deploys wireless mesh network for public safety

The city of Houston has deployed a wireless mesh network as part of a Homeland Security-funded initiative to improve public safety in the downtown area. The network is a communications foundation that connects IP video cameras, located at 134 traffic intersections, allowing first responders in Houston to centrally monitor activity in the downtown area from […]

The Cameras Work: Denver’s wireless video surveillance

It’s either luck or the public safety video surveillance systems (“crime cameras”) are going mainstream. Denver Post recently ran an extensive article on Denver’s HALO (High Activity Location Observation) system. The initial phase of the system included 50 cameras and was deployed in the preparation for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. The system uses Firetide’s wireless […]

Network design considerations for wireless video surveillance

Multi mesh network view

My post Why Flexibility of Mesh Topology is Important for Video Surveillance drew an extended comment from Joe Wargo of AO Wireless, and I’m using it as a jumping off point to address some of the issues impacting network design for wireless security and surveillance. (Sections in italics are Joe’s comments, with my commentary below each paragraph. Headings […]

Real-time Security Video in Public Transport: Killer App for Wireless?

Firetide recently announced a contract with Thales Portugal to provide Mumbai Metro with real-time, mobile wireless video surveillance network. The network will be deployed to provide onboard video surveillance and broadcast of text message to passenger information display. The Mumbai Metro is a three-line, high capacity rapid transit system spanning 40 miles that is being built […]

Firetide predicts 100 percent growth in muni wireless mesh networks

For 2010, Firetide forecasts 100 percent increase in demand for city-wide wireless infrastructure mesh networks but with a focus on municipal infrastructure rather than free public Wi-Fi applications. Eager for more and affordable capacity, municipalities will turn towards wireless infrastructure mesh vendors that can provide “fiber-like” performance at a fraction of fiber’s cost for a […]

Firetide raises $8.5 million in 5th round of funding

Firetide, a wireless mesh vendor, has raised $8.5 million in its fifth round of funding, mostly from a new investor, ESCO Technologies. ESCO makes utility, filtration, and RF shielding equipment. According to Firetide CEO Bo Larsson, ESCO’s Aclara division signed an agreement with Firetide to develop a wireless mesh product for automated meter reading applications […]