Tales from the Towers Chapter 49: Ubiquiti versus Cambium, Round 2

ubiquiti nanobridge

One thing I’ve noticed is that the article comparing Ubiquiti and Cambium seems to be the most read of everything I’ve written (see Tales from the Towers Chapter 35: Ubiquiti versus Canopy/Cambium for WISPs). With the new ePMP from Cambium (and just this moment while I’m writing this, the PTP 650 announcement shows up in […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 45: I’ll give you two 5s for 10

In this article, Rory Conaway argues why wireless ISPs should use the 10 GHz frequency for backhaul. He urges the FCC to open it up for unlicensed use. What if there were a new 500 MHz wide band of spectrum barely being used that wasn’t on anyone’s radar? What if that band already had equipment […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 41: If I Had a Hammer

wifi access point on top of roof

In this article, Rory Conaway writes about how wireless equipment manufacturers should be pushing the boundaries of technology, not just giving WISPs what WISPs think they need today. Doing so would lower dramatically the cost of deployment and allows WISPs to compete with wireline broadband providers. Every time a new product comes out, there is […]

Xirrus releases Deep Packet Inspection tool at the network edge

xirrus application control

Xirrus has launched Xirrus Application Control, which uses Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology at the network edge to restrict usage of bandwidth-heavy applications, block certain applications, and detect threats to the network. According to the company, the new product gives network administrators full control over the network especially in an environment where people bring their own […]

Tips on how improve WiFi in conferences and other crowded venues

We’ve all been to conferences and other types of events where there’s Wi-Fi service, but it is too slow or even unusable. I asked people who set up Wi-Fi networks for crowded events what one must do to ensure that users have a good Wi-Fi experience. One wireless ISP provided the following tips: (1) Plan […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 38: Pick a Tool, Any Tool – what every wireless ISP should know

Wireless ISPs (WISPS) have more tools available today to improve the performance of wireless networks. There is an optimized product for every single model that is currently deployed, and there are a lot of different models. From grounded RJ-45 connectors to antennas and every component in between, it’s impossible to keep up with everything.  Ask […]

Guest Post: Mobile Sports Report Launches First ‘e-Report,’ an In-Depth Look at ‘The Connected Event Dilemma’

Editor’s note: The following post is from former MuniWireless contributor Paul Kapustka, who now runs a site called Mobile Sports Report. Their latest report takes an in-depth look at “The Connected Event Dilemma,” which happens when thousands of attendees overwhelm the wireless infrastructure at big events. Read on. It’s no secret to any cell phone […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 33: What’s your vector, Victor?

I participate in various forums that cover the wireless industry. One of the things I enjoy hearing about is that unlicensed frequencies can’t work in certain applications for various reasons. Too much interference, too expensive, and if it’s possible why anyone else hasn’t done it, are common objections and just get my hackles up. The […]

City Initiative: Boulder, Colorado

Phase: Deployed Vendors: Xirrus Coverage Area: Boulder Valley School District Main Contact: David Williamson, School district CIO Website: Notes: School disctrict: 55 schools and 28,000 students Does this listing need an update? If so, please contact admin [[at]] muniwireless.com

Boulder Valley School District deploys wireless infrastructure

Boulder Valley School District in Colorado is deploying a high-performance Wi-Fi network to support its 55 schools and 28,000 students.Boulder Valley School District in Colorado is deploying a high-performance Wi-Fi network to support its 55 schools and 28,000 students. School District CIO David Williamson said the deployment is part of an overall upgrade to the […]