Triad Wireless and Cielo Systems Launch Next Generation Muni Wireless Model – S.P.I.R.I.T.

Municipal wirelesss networks have gotten a bad reputation over the last few years due to difficult deployments, under-engineering, over-promised expectations, high-capital expenditure, and high-profile failures.  The reality is that most mesh vendors have abandoned the original utopian idea of wireless everywhere. In fact, due to limited technology designs, they are now re-branding themselves as low-bandwidth […]

Meru makes it easy for IT managers to serve bring-your-own-device environments

Meru Smart Connect Streamlines Secure WLAN Access; System Director 5 WLAN Operating System Powers Industry’s Largest Capacity Wireless Controllers and Access Points Meru Networks has released Smart Connect, a state-of-the-art solution that greatly simplifies WLAN access in Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) environments, as well as leading edge enhancements across its wireless LAN platform including a new […]

High speed Wi-Fi wall switch a hit with hoteliers upgrading Wi-Fi service

Ruckus Wireless WiFi switch

Ruckus Wireless today announced that its high-speed Wi-Fi wall switch (the ZoneFlex 7025) has been deployed by many hotels that want to to deliver a myriad of IP-based in-room services over a unified wired/wireless infrastructure, while also providing high-speed wireless Internet access to a flood of new Wi-Fi-enabled mobile and handheld devices. The ZoneFlex 7025 Wi-Fi wall […]

Meru upgrades E(z)RF Network Management Suite, intros Network Management Appliance

Meru Networks

Meru Networks has announced upgrades to the Meru E(z)RF® Network Management Suite and introduced the new SA2000 Network Management Appliance (list price: $6995).  The combination of solutions streamlines management and optimization of large wireless networks and gives administrators the ability to provision, test, troubleshoot and optimize the wireless networks for higher overall quality of service […]

Ruckus Wireless releases new mobile Wi-Fi gateway for 3G to WiFi offloading

ruckus wireless mobile gateway

Ruckus Wireless has released its latest product, a mobile Wi-Fi gateway, to help mobile operators integrate Wi-Fi into their 3G and 4G networks. The new Wireless Services Gateway acts as a central point of control for “smart” Wi-Fi access points while enabling seamless service integration with the mobile core. The goal is to help mobile […]

Proxim introduces licensed wireless backhaul equipment

Proxim has re-entered the licensed wireless backhaul market with the introduction of its Tsunami GX800 licensed point-to-point microwave backhaul products. With the addition of the GX800 products, Proxim is expanding its product line to include licensed wireless backhaul capable of delivering high capacity of 622 Mbps aggregate capacity, frequency agility for deployment in more regions […]

Ruckus Wireless releases end-to-end 802.11N WiFi system for carriers

Ruckus Wireless is now offering a comprehensive 802.11n system for wireless carriers. The new Ruckus Mobile Internet products include  a new outdoor Smart-Sector mesh access point (ZoneFlex 7762-S), a point-to-multipoint wireless backhaul bridge (ZoneFlex 7731), indoor/outdoor customer premises equipment (MediaFlex 7200 series), and system-wide remote Wi-Fi management (FlexMaster 9.0) proven to manage tens of thousands of […]

Exalt releases ExploreAir microwave backhaul platform

ExploreAir product line from Exalt

ExploreAir, the new microwave backhaul platform from Exalt, is now available for around US$10,000. Exalt claims that the new equipment delivers 500 megabits per-second full-duplex Ethernet plus native TDM. It supports world bands from 2 GHz to 40 GHz. Exalt’s existing product line, ExtendAir (which was released in March 2010), sells for between US$7,000 and […]

Proxim releases new CPE for WISPs, carriers and enterprises

Proxim MP 8150 CPE

Proxim has just released its new Tsunami 8150-CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) series of products whose purpose is to reduce the cost of deployment for wireless ISPs (WISPs), carriers and enterprises that deploy wireless networks over a business park. According to Proxim, the new CPEs support 2×2 Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) and can be deployed in […]

Find out if your ISP is a bad ISP with Glasnost

Last week I posted “Is Your ISP a Bad ISP?” pointing to a wiki with a list of Internet service providers who throttle P2P traffic. One person submitted a comment saying that the list is outdated. Now, you can find out for yourself if indeed, your ISP is playing funny games with your connection. I […]