Samsung selling WiMAX MID, the Mondi, for $449

When we told you this morning that the Samsung Mondi MID was going to be available soon, we didn’t know that soon means now! After chatting with Samsung’s Kim Titus, he told us the device is available now in an unlocked format directly from Samsung for $449 ($454.94 with shipping). And on Aug. 1, Titus […]

Consumer Guide excerpt: Clearwire brings flexible price plans to broadband services

Editor’s Note: The following post is an excerpt from our new report, Goin’ Mobile: How WiMax Could Change the Consumer Broadband Experience. In this excerpt we talk about how flexible, innovative pricing schemes from main provider Clearwire may help drive the adoption of WiMax services by consumers. The report, which updates our previous consumer guide […]

Comcast ready to resell Clearwire’s WiMAX

In news announcements today cable giant Comcast announced that it would start reselling Clearwire’s WiMax services, a business move they promised earlier this year. From the press release, the main pricing plan for the service (which they are calling Comcast High-Speed 2go™) is a combo of wired cable broadband and local Clearwire WiMax for $49.99, […]

Clearwire lowers prices for Atlanta launch

Clearwire is scheduled to “officially” launch its Atlanta WiMax services Tuesday, June 16. Since there’s no big media event planned — apparently it is all local and consumer-oriented, which makes sense — there hasn’t been much in the way of official communications from the company. But since we know people outside of Atlanta are interested […]

Clearwire WiMAX goes live in Las Vegas

Vegas, you’ve got WiMax! Looks like another “soft launch” is underway, as Clearwire’s service locator web page now includes a map of service availability areas in Sin City. Guessing the pricing plans will be similar to what is now being offered in Portland, Ore., and Atlanta. More when we see/hear more! UPDATE, 6/1/09: We did […]

Clearwire adds ‘pick 2′ bundles to Portland, Atlanta

Less than six months after first introducing WiMax services in Portland, Ore., Clearwire is already starting to mix in some aggressive pricing promotions, including a new unlimited-use home and mobile package for $55 per month. In a call late last week following up on the company’s first-quarter earnings announcement, Clearwire chief strategy officer Scott Richardson […]

Clearwire adds 25,000 new subscribers in Q1

Highlights from Wednesday’s Clearwire earnings conference call: Press release on numbers is out — Clearwire says it added 25,000 new subscribers over Q1. Won’t break out numbers but you have to think most are in Portland, where Clearwire launched its new mobile services Jan. 6. But the total does include all Clearwire’s pre-WiMax markets. By […]

Cisco, Clearwire in WiMAX partnership

WiMax network provider Clearwire Corp. (NASDAQ: CLWR) has signed up networking giant Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) in an alliance where Cisco will provide back-end infrastructure gear as well as end-user connectivity devices for Clearwire’s nascent national wireless network. More details are coming on a conference call this morning, but even just the basics of the deal […]

Clearwire now offering WiMAX in Atlanta

Talk about your soft launch — nothing says the genteel South like starting to sell WiMax services without so much as a by-your-leave. Looks like our pals over at saw what we discovered surfing around the site — Clearwire has added coverage maps for Atlanta, much of which it labels as “now serving.” […]

Big WiMAX win for DigitalBridge: NRTC adds funding, partnership

Looks like rural WiMax provider DigitalBridge Communications has found some new friends in the rural telco business, judging by a couple of announcements today from both Digital Bridge and the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC), which represents some 1,400 rural electric and telephone utilities across 48 states. The twin announcements — an unspecified amount of […]