Ruckus Wireless IPO shares priced between $13 and $15, risks remain


Ruckus Wireless has finally priced its IPO: it will sell 8.4 million shares at a price of between $13 to $15 per share. According to Forbes, the company will have 73,685,793 shares outstanding, and at the midpoint of the range, the company would have a market cap of $1.03 billion. In the Forbes article, Eric […]

Ruckus Wireless targets high density Wi-Fi deployments


Complaining about terrible Wi-Fi service in conferences and finding solutions to improve it are favorite topics here on MuniWireless. That’s why we are happy to report that Ruckus Wireless has released new products to target Wi-Fi hotspots in convention centers, hotel conference areas, sports arenas, train stations and city centers. As for relying on your […]

Friday morning reads: Free Wi-Fi in London and South Korea


London: Virgin Media will extend free Wi-Fi service in the London Underground until the end of 2012. Virgin had set up free WiFi service in 72 stations for the Olympic Games and planned to start charging users after the Games. That has changed, to the delight of those who use the Tube regularly. South Korea: […]

Tips on how improve WiFi in conferences and other crowded venues

We’ve all been to conferences and other types of events where there’s Wi-Fi service, but it is too slow or even unusable. I asked people who set up Wi-Fi networks for crowded events what one must do to ensure that users have a good Wi-Fi experience. One wireless ISP provided the following tips: (1) Plan […]

Ruckus Wireless files for $100M IPO


Ruckus Wireless has filed a form S-1 registration statement for its initial public offering to raise $100M. In the S-1 the company says it is profitable. It reports a net income of $4.2M in 2011 (after a net loss of $10M in 2009 and a net loss of $4.4M in 2010). For the first half […]

San Jose, CA upgrading downtown Wi-Fi network

San Jose, California is upgrading the downtown Wi-Fi network that it installed in 2005 (see MuniWireless article about the San Jose Wi-Fi RFP in 2005). Now, the city will be using Ruckus Wireless equipment to replace the old access points and it is reportedly paying for the network out of general parking and revenue funds ($100,000 total […]

Hotels are upgrading WiFi infrastructure to meet iPad, iPhone users’ needs

Good news for travelers lamenting about hotel Wi-Fi! Hotels are finally upgrading their Wi-Fi infrastructure to meet the needs of iPad, iPhone and laptop users. Last October, Andy Abramson posted an article entitled Why Hotel Wi-Fi Is Being Crushed By iPads And What To Do About It in which he detailed what hotels needed to […]

Wi-Fi comes to Indian Wells, the world’s second largest tennis stadium

The Indian Wells Tennis Garden (Indian Wells, California), the second largest tennis-specific stadium in the world, has just deployed a Wi-Fi network for indoor and outdoor applications such as point of sale and ticket-scanning, guest access and mobile data offloading. The BNP Paribas Open, which is held in Indian Wells, is the largest ATP World Tour […]

Wi-Fi comes to Balboa Park, San Diego

Balboa Park, home of the San Diego Zoo, as well as museums and cultural centers, has just deployed a large Wi-Fi hot zone for use by visitors. The Balboa Online Collaborative, the IT services arms of Balboa Park, built the network using Ruckus Wireless access points. The need for high-density Wi-Fi – both indoors and outdoors […]

Ruckus Wireless introduces ChannelFly: predictive capacity management technology

Ruckus Wireless has just introduced ChannelFly™, which it claims to be the industry’s first predictive capacity management technology. This is designed to maximize the capacity of Wi-Fi networks and deliver better performance in areas where there are many Wi-Fi networks (for example, in conferences with many vendor booths have their own Wi-Fi networks). According to […]